All-electric deep retrofit, Julianstown

  • all electric-retrofit in Julianstown, externally insulated front
  • Julianstown house before works commenced
  • flat and corner brick slips matching original bricks exactly
  • brick slips going on the external wall insulation
  • careful application of brick slips: render relates to painted steel lintel behind insulation
  • the new kitchen in Julianstown


Our clients wanted an all electric solution for the energy-efficient retrofit of their home, as one of them worked for an electricity supply company. We therefore specified a Daikin air-to-water heat pump serving the heating system, a 200 litre factory-insulated cylinder, and a super-insulated Pro-air mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery.

While there was no extension, a few rooms were reconfigured and the kitchen was relocated in what had been a warren of smaller rooms. This move allowed a new garden room, with a new 3.5m wide sliding door, to be located where the kitchen had been.

The house had cavity walls on all sides (brick outer leaf featuring at front only) and failed double glazing. We blew bonded bead into the cavities, externally insulated all sides, installed new triple glazing (in the low thermal bridge position) and airtightness membranes and tapes. We then used brick slips (exactly matching the original bricks) on the external insulation to front.

The ensuite had moisture problems with visible mould and paint spalling. This was partly due to low surface temperatures, partly due to moisture content in the air, but mostly due to a lack of properly functioning moisture extracting ventilation.

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