Our range of services

Most of our clients require one of the following specific services, we are happy to assist other clients with a mix of different skills and services necessary to address the issues they want addressed. Solved. Click on the services below to access more information:

Hygrothermal assessment using WUFI

For assessing risk of interstitial condensation, mould growth, freeze-thaw damage, rot or corrosion

            One-dimensional hygrothermal assessment using WUFI Pro

            Two-dimensional hygrothermal assessment using WUFI 2D


Thermal analysis

Thermal modelling for assessment of heat loss and risk of surface condensation

            Linear (2D) thermal bridge calculation using Psi-Therm 2D

            Point (3D) thermal bridge calculation (flat fee) using Psi-Therm 3D

            Calculation of whole-dwelling thermal bridge factor (y-value) for input in DEAP or SAP

            Support in improving thermal performance at junctions

            U-value calculation (including thermal modelling if necessary)


Problem building assessment service

Support relating to problem buildings, be they non-compliant with building regulations, damp, mould or hard-to-heat

            Expert witness

Analysis and solution

            Analysis, solution and implementation


Mid-tender review

Detail and specification support for architects

            Support in creating tender documents / specification support

            Advice to design teams on good airtightness and ventilation strategies

            Support in ensuring or proving compliance with Building Regulations


Passive House consultancy

Support designing to the Passive House Standard

            Partial consultancy supporting PH designer

            Full consultancy to mainstream architect (not PH designer)


Construction product development

            Support for creation of new insulation products



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